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Siaran Langsung Bola | Minggu, 18 Agustus 2019
Live Sheff Utd vs Crystal
Live Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim
21:45 AZ vs Groningen
21:45 Feyenoord vs Utrecht
22:00 Alavés vs Levante
22:00 Reims vs Strasbourg
22:30 Chelsea vs Leicester
23:00 Union Berlin vs Leipzig
FT Valencia vs Sociedad 1 - 1
FT Arezzo vs Roma 1 - 3
FT Mallorca vs Eibar 2 - 0
FT Metz vs Monaco 3 - 0
FT Amiens vs Lille 1 - 0
FT Bordeaux vs Montpellier 1 - 1
FT Nîmes vs Nice 1 - 2
FT Toulouse vs Dijon 1 - 0
FT Cesena vs Milan 0 - 0
FT Triestina vs Juventus 0 - 1
FT Emmen vs Heerenveen 2 - 0
FT Leganés vs Osasuna 0 - 1
FT Villarreal vs Granada 4 - 4
Hasil Pertandingan | Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2019
FT Vitesse vs Zwolle 3 - 0
FT Bayern vs Berlin 2 - 2
FT Lyon vs Angers 6 - 0
FT Huddersfield vs Fulham 1 - 2
FT Bilbao vs Barcelona 1 - 0
FT Indonesia U18 vs Malaysia U18 3 - 4
FT Arsenal vs Burnley 2 - 1
FT Australia U18 vs Myanmar U18 2 - 1
FT Dortmund vs Augsburg 5 - 1
FT Leverkusen vs Paderborn 3 - 2
FT Freiburg vs Mainz 3 - 0
FT Bremen vs Düsseldorf 1 - 3
FT Wolfsburg vs Köln 2 - 1
FT Southampton vs Liverpool 1 - 2
FT Aston Villa vs Bournemouth 1 - 2
FT Brighton vs West Ham 1 - 1
FT Everton vs Watford 1 - 0
FT Norwich vs Newcastle 3 - 1
FT Celta vs Madrid 1 - 3
FT Nantes vs Marseille 0 - 0
FT Man City vs Tottenham 2 - 2
FT M'Gladbach vs Schalke 0 - 0
FT VVV vs Ajax 1 - 4
FT ADO vs Sparta 1 - 2

*All kick-off times are in GMT +7*

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